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How to slide into dms

How to slide into dms?

Instagram is the Swiss army knife of apps. It can be used to keep friends and family close, a marketing tool, or used as an indirect dating app. The term sliding into dms became a popular term as dating via Instagram became more popular. It is an overthought process, however in this article we will show you how to slide into dms and the most effective way to get a response. Instagram is home to many influencers, with double taping quicker than the speed of light. However, the “thirst” doesn’t stop there, people will make their way to the DM button to make the first contact. This is what the term “sliding into dms” means.
So what is an effective strategy of sliding into dms?… Sliding into dms is all about psychology and confidence, you must first analyse the person’s profile.  Most people tend to freestyle their messages, but you have to remember sliding into his/her dms is similar to a cold call. There is a strategy to cold calling which starts with offering value and no a “nude pic” is not value. Sliding into dms also starts with the attractiveness of your own Instagram account. So, before you start, make sure that your Instagram profile looks consistent. To ensure that you are using a great photo and that your hashtags are meaningful. In addition, see your previous posts and what you have commented. You may already have some bad experience in your DM sliding career, however; you should just keep trying. Like cold calling, you will be more successful the more attempts you have.

Boost followers

The most obvious factor is your follower count. Make sure your account has a nice amount of followers before you slide into a dm. Instagram’s followers are social proof these days, which has an effect on the psychology of people viewing your account. There are many ways to grow your Instagram account, click on the button below if you want to improve your Instagram status and grow your audience.

Increase your followers

Analyse the Instagram profile

If you want to succeed in sliding into dms, analyse the person’s profile and see what the person likes and posts about. Read more about his or her interests and choose one for your first dm. A mutual interest is always one of the best approaches you can have. In case you have a mutual friend, you can also launch the conversation with this.

Being generic is lazy

If you want to be effective on how to slide into dms, the worst thing you can do is to be generic. If you approached someone at a bar, for example, what would you say to catch her attention positively? How would you start the conversation? Most probably, you know that saying things like “Great smile.”, “You have amazing eyes.”, or “You’re gorgeous.”, even though they are all compliments, they will not get you far. A simple “Hey”, “Hello”, “Hello beautiful.”, probably wouldn’t do the trick either. From the female perspective, she’s already heard that all before. From a male perspective, he will she you as desperate. If you want to succeed when sliding into dm, you must make your message stand out and make it easy for the recipient to continue the conversation. Be original!!

Be patient

Don’t panic if she doesn’t reply immediately. The truth is, people have lives and are not 24/7 on Instagram. Before you start humiliating yourself, give her a few days. If she doesn’t reply, just move on. Slide into another DM.

Find common ground, and effectively slide into dms

Ask thoughtful questions based on their posts, comments, and see what they usually share. Maybe they have a website or a blog with their interests. You need to be interested in the subjects. In case they are going to a concert, ask them what was the last CD the music player launched and where you can get it (after a friendly greeting). These are just ideas about how to begin a good conversation and show, at the same time, that you have similar interests. The truth of how to slide into dms is to take the time to delve into their interests, and that will score you some points, especially if they are an Influencer. One of the things that you should take into account when you are looking for a subject to mention is to only look at the most recent posts. Don’t even look at things that she posted last year or 4 years ago.
Make a strong bet on the most recent subjects if you want to succeed with DM sliding. As you can see, there are many factors involved when sliding into DMs. And the worst part is that you’ll never know if you’ll succeed or not until you try it. However, with these 5 tips we just posted here, you can be sure that you’ll be increasing your odds of making it work. When you are able to master the sliding, just make sure that you make it real. Before you ask her on a real date, make sure that you exchange at least 3 messages. And even if she says yes, you need to realize that the real image may be something different from what you were previously expecting. However, there is always this risk when you’re sliding into DMs or when you’re online dating.


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