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Managing your Instagram account will require a lot of effort. Posting pictures, comments, new story content, can be a daunting task. Your efforts will have to be daily if you want your brand to go to the next level. This is why several brands, marketers and individuals look to Instagram automation to save time and give the daunting task of Instagram marketing to other companies.

Instagram automation has built more than 100,000 Instagram stars and businesses from nothing. Their audiences are fully engaged with their profiles and the engagement is a constant flow of likes, follows and DMs.

So how does Instagram automation work?

 Instagram Automation

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Instagram automation

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Using Instagram Automation can put you one step ahead of your competition. Overall, you will increase your audience and learn how to use you Instagram for marketing purposes.


Choose an active Instagram automation package to boost your Instagram, and take your account further.



Add Your Details

For the Instagram automation to work you will need to add you Instagram credentials. Also send us information in the form of hashtags and competitor profiles.


Enter your Instagram details and we will connect your account to our servers for the automation to start with the package you have choose.


Instagram targeted followers

Benefits of automation

*Builds engagement

*Builds followers fast



Your order will be ongoing for the duration of 3-30 days depending on your chosen package.


Organic Growth

Do you want to build a business? Want to be an Instagram celebrity?

Let Goldstar Social be your Instagram social media manager and power your Instagram account to the top. Choose one of our Instagram automation packages to put yourself in line with the very best.

The reason people use Instagram automation tools is for the auto-follow and auto-like features. These features allow you to follow hundreds to thousands of accounts automatically in return a percentage of the accounts will follow you back.

All followers are real targeted followers, real people joining your audience, thus you can monetize them with every new post you make. The followers you attract will be within your niche and will engage with you depend on what targeting you set up with us.

Also, real steady likes and views to make your Instagram automation a smash-success. Power every picture and video you post with a strong backing of likes/views. More users will see your posts, and you’ll gain new followers even more quickly.

Scroll down and select your Instagram automation packages and get started immediately.

Boost your IG audience
Grow your IG audience

Why Us

Do you want to be an Instagram celebrity? Or maybe you want to grow your business account?

Choose from one of our monthly marketing packages and Goldstar Social will take your Instagram account(s) to the next level and put you in a position above your competitors.

From our package you will gain real followers, and real people joining your audience for better and more leads. We strategically guide you how to post and when to post to build the foundation. With a solid foundation, every new post you make will increase your number of organic engagement. To be a star or successful business on Instagram, every post must be high quality and must represent your brand. This will ensure steady growth.

How does Automation work ?

Manually scrolling your Instagram feed and building relationships is a very slow process. Instagram automation will save you a lot of time. With that extra time you can focus on another area of you brand. The amazing thins about Instagram automation is that you can run this 24/7 if needed. For most marketers this a true blessing. 

So you're probably wondering how Instagram automation works. Well... Our severs access your account and start the process. The server automatically likes pictures and follows people based on hashtags and other accounts in your niche.

For example: 

If you are in the car niche we will target accounts based on keywords you provide or keywords such as #cars #fastcars etc. 

Towards the the middle of the automation we will start to unfollow accounts that do not follow back to even out the ratio of followers and followings. 

Please note: Your account is only accessed through our servers. Your account is NEVER logged into.

 Tips to benefiting from Automation

  •  Publishing quality, interesting, unique and relevant posts. Please don't make the mistake of posting repetitive posts or post not relevant to you niche. You newly built audience will start falling off. These mistakes are usually what cause people to lose followers and ultimately lose revenue. Treat the Instagram platform as old school store-front, think of your audience before posting anything.
  • Include popular hashtags within your posts. Including popular and generic hashtags in your posts will increase the visibility of the post and give your post a better chance to who actually sees your posts, and thus increase your engagement rate.
  • Engaging with other Instagram users. Once you get engaged users, start commenting and sharing theirs posts. Go the extra mile and it will draw attention to your Instagram account. Majority of the people you engage with will reciprocate by engaging with your account.
  • Use your DM function to target people in your niche.
  • Use your story function to promote your account through the use of video marketing.